Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wtf happened to the podcast?

Hey all, Dom here. Just wanted to update anyone who might actually listen to our podcast. Sorry we havn't done anything in awhile. Been busy trying to find a job and working at said new job. Also Striker is away on his honey moon, congrats to him and Princess Peach (yep we had a girl on the podcast :P ). Ricky and Digi are also busy with jobs and stuff. I'll try my best to round up the troops (after Striker gets back) and we can podcast again!

PS: Remember when I said I live stream games? Yeah I still do that. Still trying to acquire a working capture device, set my eyes on one I like finally. You should find my livestream embedded below. Please subscribe to me, I'm trying to become a partner and maybe do a childs play charity event in the future. Becoming a partner would give me some money on the side to continue to do what I love, Gaming and Podcasting (also being the center of attention (a debbie downer wants to be the center of attention? Weird right?)). Well enough self promotion. I'll try to update more often and keep the very few listeners we have up to date! PEACE!